Calendar of Physics Talks Vienna

Unqenched Holographic Magnetic Catalysis
Speaker:Veselin Filev (MPI Munich)
Abstract:We propose a string dual to the SU(N_c) N=4 SYM coupled to massless fundamental flavors in an external magnetic field. The flavors are introduced by partially smeared Nf D7 branes and the external magnetic field via non-trivial Kalb-Rammond B-field. We introduce an additional probe D-brane which couples to the background B-field and study the influence of the backreacted flavors on the effect of mass generation. At sufficiently strong magnetic fields the meson spectrum signals an instability of the probe which we interpret as reflecting an instability of the background. We report also on a very recent progress with backreacted massive flavor branes.
Date: Mon, 01.08.2011
Time: 11:00
Duration: 60 min
Location:TU Wien, Freihaus, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 10.OG, SEM136
Contact:Anton Rebhan, TU Wien

Topological censorship from an initial data perspective
Speaker:Greg Galloway (University of Miami)
Date: Fri, 05.08.2011
Time: 11:30
Location:Erwin Schrödinger International Institute, Boltzmanngasse 9, 1090 Wien, Schrödinger lecture hall