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Wed, 15 Mar 2006

Ethtool - query or set your ethernet
Curious about which NIC hides in your box, use those commands, replace $iface with ethX:

$ sudo ethtool -i $iface
driver: tg3
version: 3.47
bus-info: 0000:40:00.0
Following command shows your NIC statistics:
$ sudo ethtool -S $iface
If your nic shows some aging signs, your may want to be sure:
$ sudo ethtool -t $iface
The test extra info:
nvram test     (online)          0
link test      (online)          0
register test  (offline)         0
memory test    (offline)         0
loopback test  (offline)         0
interrupt test (offline)         0
A friend had the crazy wish to have an 10MBs connection:
sudo ethtool -s $iface speed 10
which he could also have had while loading the 8139too media modul param:
insmod 8139too media=0x01
Disable TCP/UDP checksums
ethtool -K $iface tx off

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