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Thu, 02 Aug 2007

linux-2.6 bugs cleanup part I

xorg and started with a cleanup of their bug reports. It is really great that compared to 2-3 years ago major cores of the Debian OS in unstable are quite in sync with upstream. Thus it is easy to forward to upstream the interesting part of bugs.

The linux-2.6 bugs count reached that weekend almost 850 open bugs. Seeing that it gets unmanageable I'll decided to get it down to a target of 100 bugs. I'll blog from time to time about the progress.

The process consists of pinging quite some bug reports against old Linux images and closing a huge swap of duplicate or no longer relevant bug reports. I expect the signal to noise ratio getting better once the bug count gets denser. The current side effect was to forward 1 patch upstream and to get 2 easy low hanging fruits fixed in latest linux-2.6 trunk.

Thanks to enabling CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IO_TRACE trunk gains support for the blktrace(8). blktrace does direct IO block layer tracing - see also blktrace guide.

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