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Thu, 23 Aug 2007

linux-2.6 bugs cleanup part 2

Random notes on effective bugs cleanup on a bigger scale:

  • Ignore the subject. In 90% of the cases it is badly formulated and provides no clue.
  • Be on a good mood or don't even start.
  • Use different overviews (bts, mbox, web, reportbug-ng, ..) to not miss the easy stuff right on start.
  • Read the last message first. A please close message on the tail or an upstream nack keeps you from reading the previous ones. Obviously as curious person i often violate that rule.
  • Have prepared standard answers on FAQ: Debian kernel patch acceptance guidelines, report issue to Linux upstream, debug initramfs.
  • Be bold: A big wontfix list won't help anyone. Close right away.
  • In the ping mail directly write To the submitter. A Cc to the bug report makes it more personal.
  • Tag any bug that is against an old version with moreinfo in the ping mail. Gives the submitter a clear indication that this bug needs an update.
  • Sometimes a close acts better as ping, reopen quickly and use the info.
  • [/kernel] permanent link