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Tue, 29 Jan 2008

2.6.24 in Sid

2.6.24 has been uploaded on Saturday and passed NEW on Monday. It will be soonest available for all archs. If we don't get enough test coverage or things go bad 2.6.22 will be the fallback for Etch+half. The images install in Lenny/testing just fine. So please give it a spin.

Known Issues are still missing VServer and Xen images, bnx2 + snd-cs46xx disabled due to firmware issue and ACPI userland still relying on old interfaces (for example #462305).

For more adventurous souls the kernel buildserver will continue to track latest Linus git daily snapshot (enhanced ext4 should land soon).

2.6.24 will also soon be pushed to Testing. I repeat this is not the real Etch+half kernel yet as there will be some config changes for it, but it is pretty close. Thanks for your 2.6.24-rc7 feedback.

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