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Tue, 22 Jul 2008

OpenVZ Debian Linux images

Thanks to the Virtuzzo developers for forward porting the OpenVZ patch to 2.6.26. It uses a lot of the already merged namespace features (For interested peoples linux-next carries interesting sysfs patches). The openvz upstream merge statistic is impressive.

The namespace solution allows low overhead, while still running multiple Linux distributions in individual containers on the same box. Control over the network vitalisation is gained as a resource management for CPU power, I/O bandwidth and disk space. Live migration including snapshotting is possible too.

The Debian 2.6.26 Linux images will feature not only better Xen vitalisation support, kvm port to new archs, but also an opvenvz flavour. Please don't forget to install proper vzctl userspace support as the correct dependencies have not yet been added. Supported archs will start with both x86 and the ia64 archs. Tomorrows linux-2.6 Debian trunk snapshots will already build openvz. Thanks for your feedback.

P.S.: 2.6.26 is the targeted kernel for Lenny, we hope to convince Debian installer people to pick it up soonest - 2.6.25 is a not so bad backup plan as release hasn't fully approved 2.6.26 before extensive unstable testing.

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