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Tue, 27 Oct 2009

HTC Magic 90 days Android usage

I love the fact that phones are ready to get a decent OS. I bought the phone for better connectivity and to get GPS goodness. 90 days later seems a good time to review the pros and cons:

  • The phone sees updates (Android 1.6 has recent 2.6.29 build with much nicer battery status and search box).
  • Easy to pick google calender together with useful gmail integration.
  • Often use the phone for a quick websearch (cinema programs on the run, news, shop opening times, ..) - to lazy to power up real laptop.
  • The touchscreen interface isn't too bad, but missed the nice resize effect seen on other touchscreens OS.
  • Connectbot is a half decent ssh client.
  • The consumed data is very low - never managed to touch the 1GB download bandwith limit.
  • gmaps is fun to look up and helpful in finding directions.
  • Last but not least important phone functions as easy dialing and good voice transmission are working.
  • The worst omission is a decent pdf reader. No way to read latest papers on
  • The next big missing thing that worked since years with mobile phones is bluetooth file sending and receiving out of the box.
  • A more minor bugger - but still quite annoying: contacts sent to you as vCard don't get easily imported in contacts.
  • The camera from the HTC magic is not really pleasant.

Of course Android still seems like an alien sandboxed Linux, but I must say that the average usage capability of the mobile phone is very nicely enhanced.

P.S. Using allmost daily also Google Talk, Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer, Finance, GPS Status and the ultra cool Google Sky Map.

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