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Sat, 20 Mar 2010

New klibc release 1.5.17

Not only fixes ipconfig regressions due to fixes in 1.5.16, but ipconfig should no longer discard useful packages. We also fixed a long standing klibc sparc specific socket bug (#444087): sparc lists socket system calls, but does not provide all of them natively. So one is better off on sparc to use sys_socketcall.

Thanks to Jan Hauke Rahm the packaging switched to modern Source Format 3.0 (quilt) with debhelper 7 usage reducing cdbs overhead on build. This is a big switch and makes me very happy.

New addition include a $(make help) target in Makefile to ease klibc build. A small losetup got added to klibc-utils.

i386 and sparc build fine against current linux-libc-dev: klibc-1.5.17 released
P.S.: New outfall seem to include armel and s390 due to libgcc changes.
Update: Seems only a small packaging error due to test target invocation, should be fixed in 1.5.17-3.

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