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Tue, 06 Apr 2010

"Little Bang" 0.94 initramfs-tools release

Heavy Ion collisions try to recreate conditions very shortly after the Big Bang. Thus the created quark gluon plasma is often the Little Bang, due to recreating this very hot conditions.
The kernel Team already uploaded the linux-2.6 Big Bang release now follows initramfs-tools with the Little Bang. ;-)

Newer initramfs comes with lots of fixes and new features:

  • Faster boot thanks to Ubuntu merged patches using pre-cached boot scripts. It be cool if someone could time that and let us know?
  • Support for several compression schemes as set in initramfs.conf or overridden by appropriate mkinitramfs call.
  • Better MODULES=dep support /sys parsing (Still needs fixes for md).
  • Hooks for out of linux-2.6 make deb-pkg generated linux-images.
  • Call ipconfig with increasing timeouts to better fit with large scale clusters.
  • Use BOOTIF mac address passed from gpxe in setup_networking.
  • Out of the box support for devtmpfs. Hurra for devfs 2.0.
  • Loading of the netconsole module together with the specified args, when netconsole is set as bootarg.
  • Adds available, built network drivers in a dynamic way without need of hardcoded list.
  • Smaller and thus faster MODULES=most generated initramfs due to kicking the video drivers out of generic initramfs.
  • Last but not least don't suppress eventual modprobe errors.

Thanks for all the patches and useful input! Sorry for late release, will try to do it earlier more often and there is hope of an Ubuntu sync: view of initramfs-tools repo.
P.S.: cryptsetup needs fixup of #576488, udev can now start at a earlier stage of initramfs.

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