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Thu, 22 Apr 2010

Fresh klibc 1.5.18 release

The overdue dash sync from 0.5.3 took a month to be done, but now klibc is shipping newer dash 0.5.6 then actual unstable dash.

Fixes for this release include fstype support for btrfs and ext4 without journal. Moving README's around so that they can be shipped for avid readers: README.ipconfig go :) The goodie from this time is the sh4 build fix form the very active Debian sh4 porters. ipconfig, nfsmount and kinit have now simpler DEBUG build. ipconfig build warnings got shot by a Google patch.

If your patch hasn't made it yet, please ping me for next queue: klibc git repo, Unofficial patch queue.

P.S.: Ubuntu Lucid pushes out klibc 1.5.17 thanks to Colin Watson.

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