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Wed, 02 Mar 2011

Cross distribution collaboration on longterm 2.6.32 linux-2.6

I'll collect here links to the various linux-2.6 distribution trees based on the longterm release 2.6.32. I won't go into details of bigger external patches (grsec, openvz, rt, xen, ..), which in consequence also aligned themselves on 2.6.32.

Important bug fixes usually are connected to some bug report, which may be publicly viewable. So from the patch and changelog entry one can usually assume if a certain patch satisfies the stable criteria and forward it for 2.6.32 longterm inclusion (+ other branches where it might apply). If the patch applies and compiles fine with the Debian tree one can assume that the patch will be fine for upstream 2.6.32 as Debian with small exceptions mostly follows the longterm release: 2.6.32 branch of Debian linux-2.6 (Comment: This is currently only a svn mirror but this bug is worked on for next release).

The canonical 2.6.32 linux-2.6 longterm repository is of course on maintained by gregkh. Opensuse publishes it's kernel-source on gitorious including all branches and the especially interesting SLE11-SP1 2.6.32 branch. Fedora was following till late Autumn 2.6.32 and the F12 branch has the relevant patches. Ubuntu released 10.04 with 2.6.32 as in a collaborative decision they also based their drm on 2.6.33 (same story as in Debian, thus particularly relevant for us). Oracle had a 2.6.32 that was maintained until Sept 2010 or such.

It is already bad that kernel source in Red Hat doesn't really follow upstream 2.6.32 longterm release itself. For 2.6.18 of course no such option existed, but for 2.6.32 this policy already shows a certain snobbery. Red Hat 6.0 Beta at least shipped kernel-2.6.32-37.el6.src.rpm with broken out patches - since then no patch series or git tree to be seen from RH. This strange move got since picked by lwn - RH "obfuscated" kernel source.

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