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Tue, 20 Sep 2011

Recurring Maxima failures

Every once in a while I try out latest Debian/sid Maxima as it sees continuous development: Maxima git repo.

Todays failure is an integral given at the Bloc course "Aspects of QCD at Finite Density". It is an exercise to calculate following simple integral that should just give a Bessel function:

(%i3) integrate(exp(z*cos(t))*cos(a*t), t, 0, %pi);
                          [               cos(t) z
(%o3)                     I    cos(a t) %e         dt

As usual the result it returns is the integral itself.. :/ So yes indeed Maxima is nice for simple undergrads calculation: Maximum Calculus with Maxima, but unfortunately don't expect much for more complex problems. The result is the partition function of the chiral perturbation theory in the simple setup of equal quark masses and one quark flavour family. Sadly Integrals returning Bessel functions seem to regularly fail.

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