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Mon, 02 Jan 2012

CPhT visit automn 2011

On my new particle physics blog (yupie to ikiwiki, thanks joey) posted some recollection of a fine, productive and busy Paris research visit to the Ecole Polytechnique.

The feed agregegator for particle physics blogs got relaunched too that automn. In case you are interested in particle physics this should keep any reader updated on the Higgs hunt, black holes searches, fundamental interactions and much more.

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Wed, 01 Sep 2010


Frans Pop contributions to Debian has already been honoured: Frans Pop obituary by Steve McIntyre. One less known fact is that he hacked in upstream linux-2.6 too. Latest linux-2.6 git lists him with 80 commits. A bigger part of his work was testing latest linux-2.6 on different architectures. There are lots of patches with "Reported-by: Frans Pop " and "Tested-by: Frans Pop ". Also in this field he was aiming for big coverage and a special responsive tester.

I am very sad to have missed the opportunity to meet you in person. You are missed. Rest in peace, my friend.

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Fri, 19 Sep 2008

playlist sept. 2008
This time crushing for goooood voices across really different styles:

  • Agoria - Think Different
  • Ellen Allien - Rej (Feat. Ame)
  • Trentemøller - Moan (Trentemøller Vocal Remix)
  • DJ Brace - slammed preview
  • p.tah - rasterpunkt
  • Spiral Tribe - Breach The Peace
  • Larry Heard presents Mr. White - The Sun Can't
  • Groove Armada - But i feel good
  • Modeselektor - The White Flash (Trentemøller Remix)
  • Mono & Nikitaman - Fresse Halten - Selber Machen

double *bounce* triple *bounce*
For the youngsters among you who missed out Spiral Tribe there tunes still kick ass. Mono & Nikitaman were the best at the Viennese Donauinselfestival and should be seeeen life. Only the Dj Brace track is not yet released. p.tah is the mastermind of B Seiten Sound. Enjoy ;)

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Wed, 07 Nov 2007

playlist nov. 2007
I seem to rediscover old chill out classics like De Phazz and warm Marseillais Hip Hop in a foggy Viennese.

  • Don Choa - Vies de chiens
  • Fonky Family - Le plus grand des Voyous
  • Aeto - B
  • De-Phazz - Happiness
  • Dj Brace - Mint
  • N-jin - Crack Jack
  • Pimbo - Roots remix
  • Don Choa - Lune de miel
  • Pink Martini - Sympathique
  • Texta - So koennt's gehen
Of course microthol live remixes scores a lot of plays. :)
See you in Flex for Miss Kittin.

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Tue, 13 Mar 2007

playlist march 2007

  • Fistognosticated - Ella Baila
  • Ellen Allien - Crosstown Rebels
  • 4twenty - Wenn der Beat rollt
  • Don Choa - La verité blesse
  • Ricardo Villabos - Fiezheuer Zieheuer
  • Jürgen Paape - Take this
  • Oliver Hacke - Baked Bean Mix
  • Henrik Schwarz - Leave my head alone brain rmxs
  • Ellen Allien & Apparat - Bubbles
  • Tiefschwarz - Issst (Nathan Fake remix)
  • Lina - I'm not the enemy

Yeah i've danced all night in Florence on Ellen Allien sounds, explains why she shows up twice - great djane. :)

Meike, thanks for this funny "meme". By the way out of lazy web how did you fix the blosxom timezone toppost trouble? (urggs got title year wrong)

update: *doing* *doing* *doing* everywhere ;)

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Mon, 08 Jan 2007

Unbreakable IBM
Three letters corporations don't inspire confidence (junk code, big tactics, ..). Nevertheless Thinkpads i will miss you. My current workhorse is a x41 Thinkpad. The default model has a bad battery life. Yeah the x40 are cool and with much better battery life out of the box, but they need this mad atheros binary hal junk (the ath free replacement goes nowhere right now :(. No i won't taint the running kernel. So just buy a battery upgrade and be happy.
In August cycling i got badly hit by a car. Making a cool stunt on asphalt with a crashed helmet and hurt everywhere. The laptop being unprotected in backpack. No complaints from the X41. Throw it across rooms and it happily boots. Exposing it to dust did not cause any high pitch noise like some earlier Vaio.
As Thinkwiki will tell you the Hitachi hdd are not really worth to put data on them. I got mine easily exchanged 2x. I wouldn't care less thanks to git, imapd and frequent backups.
As you can probably imagine the story of unbreakable doesn't stop here, but i won't leak current experiences "nancy" had to endure. Anyway i wanted to join in the Thanks to all the peoples that make Debian the pleasure to hack and work on! Big props to the Release Team for coordinating the fine Etch product.

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