Fundamental Interactions Group

This page provides a few details on members of the Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP), Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), working on Fundamental Interactions, and related activities.

Research topics

  • Gravity, asymptotic symmetries, black holes
  • QCD, quark-gluon plasma, heavy ions
  • String theory, supergravity, holography
  • String phenomenology, compactifications, cosmology, gravitational waves


(for contact details, see this page)

  • Senior, junior and associated staff
Herbert Balasin
Kirill Boguslavski
Daniel Grumiller
Andreas Ipp
Benjamin Koch
Radoslav Rashkov
Anton Rebhan
Harald Skarke
Timm Wrase
  • Postdocs
Niccolo Cribiori
Laura Donnay
Adrien Fiorucci
Iva Lovrekovic
David Müller
Rohan Poojary
Romain Ruzziconi
Maria Schimpf
  • Ph.D. and Master students
Andreas Banlaki
Frederic Brünner
Florian Ecker
Matteo Favoni
Florian Hechenberger
Ludwig Horer
Paul Hotzy
Josef Leutgeb
Markus Leuthner
Florian Lindenbauer
Jonas Mager
Christoph Roupec
Daniel Schuh
Raphaela Wutte

Regular seminars

Monday 13:00 - 14:00: Group meeting and journal club
Tuesday 14:00 - 15:00: Joint Theory Seminar with the University of Vienna
Thursday 16:30 - 17:30: HEP seminars TU Wien
High energy physics talks in Vienna can be found on CPT.

Coming Vienna workshops and conferences

29.11.21 - 03.12.21: ESI workshop Topology, Disorder & Hydrodyn. in Non-equilibrium Quantum Matter
18.07.22 - 22.07.22: Strings 2022
18.07.22 - 22.07.22: Conference IDM 2022


Publications on Inspire

Numerical resources

Calabi-Yau data website
PALP/PALP++ wiki
Glasma simulation OpenPixi code
Lattice gauge equivariant convolutional neural networks code

Related research activities in Vienna

Erwin Schrödinger Institute
Graduate School Particles & Interactions (DKPI)
Gravitational Physics Uni Wien
High Energy Physics Institute
Mathematical Physics Uni Wien
Theoretical Particle Physics Uni Wien

Relevant funding agencies

FWF (stand-alone projects, fellowships, ...)
Austrian Academy of Sciences (stipends, prizes, ...)
OeAD (travel grants, scholarships, ...)