Calendar of Physics Talks Vienna

The Beig-Krammer tensor on the three sphere
Speaker:Walter Simon (Univ. Wien)
Abstract:Motivated by the conformal method of solving the constraints in General Relativity,R.Beig and W.Krammer constructed,on any 3‐dimensional conformally flat Riemannian manifold M, a symmetric, tracefree two‐tensor out of an arbitrary vector V and a conformal Killing vector W (and their derivatives). If V is divergence free, so is the Beig‐ Krammer tensor ‐ hence it can serve as ADM momentum density in vacuum, (possibly with cosmological constant).We examine the very special case that M is the round three sphere and that V and W are Killing vectors and compare with the known "donut" case. The application of this tensor to the initial value problem becomes particularly interesting in view of a recent theorem by Premoselli which in essence settles the question of (non‐)existence of solutions of the Lichnerowicz equation on compact Riemannian three manifolds. This is ongoing work with P. Bizon.
Date: Thu, 16.08.2018
Time: 14:00
Duration: 60 min
Location:Arbeitsgruppe Gravitation, Währinger Strasse 17, Raum 218, 2. Stock, 1090 Wien
Contact:P.T. Chrusciel