Calendar of Physics Talks Vienna

On the large N limit of the 4d N=1 superconformal index
Speaker:Alejandro Cabo-Bizet (King's College, London)
Abstract:The large N limit of the 4d N=1 superconformal index is argued to be determined by competition among complex eigenvalue configurations. At least some of these configurations correspond to embeddings of abelian discrete groups of order N upon a 2-torus. Via the principles of AdS/CFT correspondence one of these configurations maps to a regular Wick-rotated section of a supersymmetric rotating and electrically charged Lorentzian AdS5 black hole. After an introduction to the problem, that will include a survey over the analytic frame that allows us to quantify the competition among elements of a sub-family of these complex eigenvalue configurations, I will end with an interpretation of our results for SU(N) N=4 SYM, and a comparison with recently reported numerical studies.
Date: Thu, 04.06.2020
Time: 16:00
Duration: 60 min
Location:Zoom (please contact abhiram.kidambi[AT]tuwien.ac.at for details)
Contact:Abhiram Kidambi