Calendar of Physics Talks Vienna

Quantum oscillations in electrically and microwave driven 2D materials
Speaker:Ivan Dmitriev (THz-Zentrum, University of Regensburg, Germany )
Abstract:I will present an overview of quantum transport phenomena which emerge in moderate magnetic fields in various high-mobility 2D electron systems (2DES) including GaAs/AlGaAs, ZnO/MnZno, and Si/Ge heterostructures, electrons on surface of liquid He, graphene, and surface states of topological insulators. These phenomena include famous microwave induced resistance oscillations (MIRO) which can be so strong that the total dc conductivity of the system turns negative leading to a zero resistance state (ZRS) with spontaneously formed electric field domains. After an overview of experimental results, I will present a simple perturbative kinetic description of these phenomena and demonstrate deep links between them. Finally, I will address recent experiments conducted in TU Wien which shed light on the polarization immunity paradox of MIRO and which sharply contrast the previous findings.
Date: Thu, 30.09.2021
Time: 16:00
Duration: 45 min
Location:Freihaus, Seminarraum DC rot 07 (roter Bereich, 7. OG)
Contact:Andrei Pimenov