Calendar of Physics Talks Vienna

How perfect is the RHIC fluid?
Speaker:Paul Romatschke (University of Washington, Seattle)
Abstract:The speaker will discuss equations for causal viscous relativistic hydrodynamics and present 2+1 dimensional viscous hydrodynamic fits to RHIC data for sqrt(s)=200 GeV Au+Au collisions. Using Glauber-type initial conditions, these fits indicate that the ratio shear viscosity over entropy density is indeed very small; taking minimum bias data for elliptic flow at face value, a ratio that is smaller than the minimum bound from AdS/CFT is favored. Some caveats of this result are addressed.
Date: Mon, 10.09.2007
Time: 13:30
Location:Inst.f.Theoret.Physik, TU Wien, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 10th floor, SEM 136
Contact:Anton Rebhan (rebhana at tph dot tuwien.ac.at)