Calendar of Physics Talks Vienna

Metastability and Rare Events in Complex Systems
Speaker:P. Bolhuis, C. Dellago, T. Schilling, T. Woolf, J. Rogal, A. Dinner (WORKSHOP, Several talks)
Abstract:workshop from Feb. 12th to Feb. 15th
Date: Tue, 12.02.2008
Time: 10:30
Location:ESI Boltzmann lecture hall

A family of growing triangulations
Speaker:Prof. Jean-Francois Marckert (Universite Bordeaux 1)
Date: Tue, 12.02.2008
Time: 15:00
Location:ESI Schrödinger Lecture Hall

Predictions for Higgs signal and background processes with many-particle final states at the LHC
Speaker:Priv.Doz. Dr. Stefan Dittmaier (MPI für Physik, München)
Abstract:At the LHC, many interesting processes involve three or more particles in the final state. Such many-particle reactions often proceed via resonances that subsequently decay, or they represent a background to resonance processes. A thorough description of such processes requires the evaluation of strong and to some extent also of electroweak radiative corrections in next-to-leading order. While the gauge-invariant treatment of corrections to resonance processes is quite non-trivial conceptually, the technically most complicated part concerns the numerically stable evaluation of the one-loop tensor integrals. In this talk some recently proposed solutions and their applications are discussed. The latter, in particular, include strong and electroweak corrections to Higgs production via weak-boson fusion and to the Higgs-boson decay H -> WW/ZZ -> 4fermions, as well as QCD corrections to the important background processes pp -> ttbar+jet and pp -> WW+jet.
Date: Thu, 14.02.2008
Time: 14:00
Duration: 60 min
Location:HEPHY, Nikolsdorfergasse 18, 1050 Wien, Bibliothek, 1. Stock
Contact:Dr. Helmut Eberl