Calendar of Physics Talks Vienna

Chiral shift in relativistic matter in a magnetic field
Speaker:Igor Shovkovy (Arizona State University)
Abstract:We show that the normal phase of dense relativistic matter in a magnetic field is characterized by a nonzero relative shift of the longitudinal momenta in the dispersion relations of the left-handed and right-handed fermions. The presence of such a shift in the ground state does not break any symmetries of the action. To leading order, the corresponding parameter, dubbed the chiral shift, is linear in the coupling constant. Because of the chiral shift, a dynamical contribution to the axial current is induced. The induced axial current and the shift of the Fermi surfaces of the opposite chirality fermions may play an important role in transport and emission properties of matter in various types of compact stars. It is plausible that related phenomena also modify the chiral magnetic effect in heavy ion collisions.
Date: Thu, 09.07.2009
Time: 16:00
Duration: 60 min
Location:Inst. f. Theoret. Physik, TU Wien, SEM 136, 10.OG, Wiedner Haupstr. 8-10, 1040
Contact:Andreas Schmitt