Calendar of Physics Talks Vienna

Neutron studies for Astrophysics and Applications: recent results from the n_TOF facility (CERN)
Speaker:Dr. Nicola COLONNA (E141)
Date: Wed, 02.05.2012
Time: 16:00
Location:Sem. 134A
Contact:H. Leeb

Physics Prospects for Hadron Physics with PANDA
Speaker:Ulrich Wiedner (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Abstract:The PANDA experiment at the new FAIR facility will be the major hadron physics experiment at the end of this decade. It has an ambitious far-reaching physics program that spans the most fascinating topics that are emerging in contemporary hadron physics.
Date: Wed, 02.05.2012
Time: 17:00
Duration: 60 min
Location:Stefan Meyer Institute for subatomic physics, Boltzmanngasse 3, 1090, Raum 2.08
Contact:Fiona Boes, 01 4277 29701

Effective quantum field theories
Speaker:Gerhard Ecker (Vienna)
Abstract:im Rahmen es Literaturseminars
Date: Thu, 03.05.2012
Time: 14:15
Duration: 60 min
Location:Arbeitsgruppe: Gravitation, Währinger Strasse 17, Seminarraum A, 2. Stock
Contact:R. Beig

Unavoidable Order in Nonequilibrium Systems
Speaker:Lukas Hingerl (Univ.Wien)
Abstract:im Rahmen der gemeinsam veranstalteten Seminare "Komplexe Stochastische Systeme" (Univ.Wien) und "Analyse Komplexer Systeme (Med.Univ.Wien)
Date: Fri, 04.05.2012
Time: 14:15
Duration: 90 min
Location:Fakultät für Physik, Erwin Schrödinger-Hörsaal, Boltzmanngasse 5, 5. Stock, 1090 Wien
Contact:H. Hüffel, Stefan Thurner

Frustrated Magnets and Quantum Spin Liquids
Speaker:Steven White (University of California, Irvine, USA)
Abstract:A quantum spin liquid is a solid whose atoms have magnetic moments but, because of quantum fluctuations, these moments fluctuate like a liquid even at zero temperature. Two dimensional spin liquids have been suggested as a way to produce high temperature superconductivity, and to build quantum computers. Just as helium is the only element which is a liquid at zero temperature, 2D spin liquids have been extremely difficult to find, despite decades of effort, raising the question, do realistic spin liquids even exist? Recently, apparent spin liquids have been found experimentally, stimulating theoretical work to find simple model Hamiltonians of frustrated spin systems that have spin liquid ground states. This talk will give a broad overview of spin liquids and then focus on simulations of the kagome Heisenberg model, a simple, realistic model of some of the recent experimental spin liquids, where we find a spin liquid ground state.
Date: Fri, 04.05.2012
Time: 14:30
Location:Erwin Schrödinger Institute, Boltzmann Lecture Hall
Contact:Prof. Frank Verstraete

Uncertainty relations from a symplectic point of view
Speaker:Maurice DE GOSSON (NuHAG Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group, Universität Wien)
Date: Fri, 04.05.2012
Time: 15:30
Location:TU Wien Atominstitut, Hörsaal, Stadionallee 2, 1020 Wien
Contact:Y. Hasegawa