Calendar of Physics Talks Vienna

Categorified colored HOMFLY invariants of rational tangles
Speaker:Paul Wedrich (Cambridge University)
Abstract:The colored Jones and HOMFLY polynomials are invariants of knots in S^3 that are defined via the representation theory of quantum sl(N). I will start by explaining how these invariants generalize to the case of tangles, i.e. knot fragments in B^3. For the case of rational tangles, I will introduce a picture-way of computing a categorified version of colored HOMFLY polynomials, thereby proving a tangle-analogue of a conjecture of Gukov and Stosic. Based on joint work with Mihajlo Cekic and Jake Rasmussen.
Date: Mon, 30.06.2014
Time: 10:30
Duration: 60 min
Contact:Nils Carqueville

A Non-abelian self-duality equation in 6-dimensions and Multiple M5-branes in string theory
Speaker:Chong-Sun Chu (Tsing Hua University Taiwan)
Abstract:In this talk, we will discuss a self-duality equation for a non-abelian 2-form gauge field in 6 dimensional spacetime. We will also discuss its application in string theory as the equation of motion describing the dynamics of the self-dual 2-form living on the worldvolume of a system of multiple M5-branes. Solutions of the worldvolume theory will be presented, and we will show that their properties match perfectly with what one expects from supergravity.
Date: Tue, 01.07.2014
Time: 14:15
Duration: 60 min
Location:Fakultät für Physik, Erwin-Schrödinger-Hörsaal, Boltzmanngasse 5, 5. Stock
Contact:Harold Steinacker

A study of Higgs mechanism in Yang-Mills and Chern-Simons Field Theory
Speaker:Kolagani Sriharitej (IISER Pune)
Date: Wed, 02.07.2014
Time: 13:00
Duration: 60 min
Location:SEM 136 (Freihaus, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10), Institute for Theoretical Physics, Vienna University of Technology
Contact:Daniel Grumiller

Towards new non-geometric backgrounds
Speaker:Erik Plauschinn (Padova)
Abstract:Non-geometric backgrounds in string theory are known to have very interesting features, and have led to new developments in non-commutative - and even non-associative - geometry and field theory. However, almost all of these constructions are local, or are based on toroidal models, which from a string-theory perspective is quite unsatisfactory. In my talk, I will address this issue. First, I review the recent developments in non-geometric string theory and highlight some of the open questions and shortcomings. Second, I introduce a formalism to perform collective T-duality transformations in order to obtain non-geometric backgrounds; and third, I apply this formalism to the three-sphere.
Date: Wed, 02.07.2014
Time: 16:00
Duration: 60 min
Location:SEM 136 (Freihaus, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10), Institute for Theoretical Physics, Vienna University of Technology
Contact:Johanna Knapp and Jan Rosseel