Calendar of Physics Talks Vienna

QCD thermodynamics in external magnetic fields
Speaker:Gergely Endrödi (Universität Regensburg)
Abstract: The hadron resonance gas model and numerical lattice simulations are employed to study the response of the QCD vacuum to external magnetic fields, both at zero temperature and in the deconfinement/chiral transition region. The quark condensate and the trace anomaly are found to undergo magnetic catalysis at low temperatures and inverse catalysis around Tc, respectively. The magnetization is determined to be positive, indicating a paramagnetic QCD vacuum.
Date: Tue, 14.05.2013
Time: 12:15
Duration: 60 min
Location:Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, yellow area, 10th floor, seminar room E136

Die euklidsche $P(\phi)_2$-Quantenfeldtheorie im endlichen Volumen
Speaker:Martin Könenberg (Univ.Wien)
Abstract:im Rahmen des Seminars für Mathematische Physik
Date: Tue, 14.05.2013
Time: 14:15
Duration: 60 min
Location:Fakultät für Physik, Erwin Schrödinger-Hörsaal, Boltzmanngasse 5, 5. Stock
Contact:J. Yngvason

Optical Methods for Surface Investigations
Speaker:Prof. Dr. Peter Zeppenfeld (Institute for Experimental Physics, Johannes Kepler University Linz)
Abstract:We will discuss optical techniques, mainly reflectance and ellipsometry based methods, and their potential as analytical tools in surface science. The principles of optics governing the reflectance from surfaces and interfaces will be introduced and the advantage of exploiting the polarization state of light and its change upon reflection are presented. The relation between macroscopic optical quantities (reflection coefficients, dielectric functions) and microscopic electronic and structural properties of surfaces and adlayers will be explained. I will demonstrate that rather simple experimental designs, namely, differential reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) and reflectance difference spectroscopy (RDS), can achieve a surprisingly high surface sensitivity and are well suited for quantitative surface science investigations. This will be illustrated with selected examples, including the char
Date: Tue, 14.05.2013
Time: 16:00
Location:Technische Universität Wien, Institut für Angewandte Physik, Seminarraum 134A, Turm B (gelbe Leitfarbe), 5. OG, 1040 Wien, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10
Contact:Univ.Prof. Dr. Ulrike Diebold

Time-periodic solutions in Einstein AdS – massless scalar field system
Speaker:Maciej Maliborski (Cracow)
Abstract:im Rahmen des Literaturseminars
Date: Thu, 16.05.2013
Time: 14:00
Duration: 60 min
Location:Arbeitsgruppe: Gravitation, Währinger Strasse 17, Seminarraum A, 2. Stock
Contact:P. Chrusciel

Neutrino Oscillations: Status of Experiments and Outlook
Speaker:Prof. Dr. Caren Hagner (Univ. Hamburg)
Abstract:im Rahmen des Teilchenphysikseminars
Date: Thu, 16.05.2013
Time: 14:15
Duration: 60 min
Location:Fakultät für Physik, Erwin-Schrödinger-Hörsaal, Boltzmanngasse 5, 5. Stock
Contact:M. Butenschön, H. Neufeld