Calendar of Physics Talks Vienna

Renormalization of Gauge Theories on Non-Commutative Spaces
Speaker:Daniel Blaschke (Los Alamos National Laboratory, Theory Division)
Abstract:In order to explore the foundations of physics at very short distances, a mathematical framework describing a quantized version of space-time geometry and quantum fields thereon is desired. One possible road to take, are the so-called non-commutative quantum field theories. Constructing renormalizable models on non-commutative spaces constitutes a big challenge. Only few examples of renormalizable theories are known, such as the scalar Grosse-Wulkenhaar model. Gauge fields are even more difficult, since new renormalization techniques are required which are compatible with the inherently non-local setting on the one hand, and also allow to properly treat the gauge symmetry on the other hand. In this talk I will focus on this last point and present new extensions to existing renormalization schemes (known to work for gauge field theor. in commutative space) adapted to non-comm Moyal space.
Date: Tue, 09.07.2013
Time: 11:00
Location:Seminar room 136, Institute for Theoretical Physics, TU Wien, 1040, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10/yellow/10th floor
Contact:Manfred Schweda

Disordered Photonics: from random laser to speckle spectrometer
Speaker:Prof. Hui CAO (Dept. of Applied Physics, Yale University)
Date: Fri, 12.07.2013
Time: 14:00
Location:Seminar room 136 Institute for Theoretical Physics – Vienna University of Technology Wiedner Hauptstraße 8 – 10, 10th floor, B (yellow tower)
Contact:Stefan Rotter