Calendar of Physics Talks Vienna

Understanding and controlling quantum systems by studying their classical counterparts: Chaotic Transport and Escape
Speaker:John Delos (Department of Physics, The College of William & Mary, VA, USA)
Abstract:Chaotic transport, and the escape of trajectories from defined regions of phase space, has been an important topic in dynamics for many years, because it describes phenomena that occur in many branches of physics. For example, some meteorites that fell on Antarctica are believed to have come from Mars; how they escaped from Mars’ gravitational field is a problem in the theory of chaotic transport. At a smaller scale, one of the important topics in nanophysics is ballistic transport of electrons through a small junction: electrons enter a junction from one lead, bounce around within the junction following either regular or chaotic paths, and eventually find their way to an exit lead. A closely related problem is chaotic propagation of light rays in a distorted cylindrical glass bead. At the molecular level, we may think about the breakup of a temporarily bound complex, such as a He atom …
Date: Mon, 05.08.2013
Time: 11:00
Location:Seminar room 136, Institute for Theoretical Physics – Vienna University of Technology, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8 – 10, 10th floor, B (yellow tower)
Contact:Joachim Burgdörfer

Zwei-Dreibein Gravity
Speaker:Olaf Hohm (LMU Munich)
Abstract:I present a new model of 3D massive gravity which is based on two dreibein fields ("zwei-dreibein gravity"). Linearized about flat space it is equivalent to Fierz-Pauli, but also non-perturbatively it propagates the right number of degrees of freedom. The model permits AdS backgrounds, for which the central charge of the asymptotic Virasoro algebra can be computed a la Brown-Henneaux. In contrast to all previously known models of 3D massive gravity there is a parameter range for which both the boundary and bulk theory are unitary.
Date: Thu, 08.08.2013
Time: 16:00
Duration: 60 min
Location:SEM 136 (Freihaus, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10), Institute for Theoretical Physics, Vienna University of Technology
Contact:Daniel Grumiller