Calendar of Physics Talks Vienna

Atto‐second time‐delay in single and double photoionization of noble gas atoms
Speaker:Anatoli Kheifets (Australian National University, Atomic & Molecular Physics Laboratory)
Abstract:We use the non‐relativistic random phase approximation with exchange to perform calculations of valence shell photoionization of Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe from their respective thresholds to photon energy of 200 eV. Systematic mapping of time delay across a wide range of photon energies in several atomic targets allows to highlight important aspects of fundamental atomic physics that can be probed by attosecond time delay measurements. Various channels of single‐photon double ionization of noble gas atoms are examined and estimates are given for associated time delays due to the shake‐off and knock‐out mechanisms.
Date: Mon, 15.07.2013
Time: 16:00
Location:Seminar room 136 Institute for Theoretical Physics – Vienna University of Technology Wiedner Hauptstraße 8 – 10, 10th floor, B (yellow tower)
Contact:Joachim Burgdoerfer

Amorphous Nanophotonics
Speaker:Carsten Rockstuhl (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)
Abstract:In this talk, I give a broad overview across the field of amorphous nanophotonics. I will outline the challenges to discuss the properties of amorphous nanophotonical system on analytical and numerical grounds and outline strategies for their fabrication and characterization. I will also discuss applications in the realm of contemporary optics, e.g. for negative index materials and as cloaking devices. But I would equally like to emphasize the contribution of amorphous nanophotonical systems to act as an enable for scientific achievements in other research disciplines, e.g. chemistry, spectroscopy, or quantum optics.
Date: Mon, 15.07.2013
Time: 16:00
Duration: 45 min
Location:Freihaus Seminarraum 138B, Turm C, 7. OG (rote Leitfarbe), Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10
Contact:Andrei Pimenov