Calendar of Physics Talks Vienna

Hybrid arrays of neutral atoms: 2D MOTs & SLM
Speaker:Luis Fernández Martínez (ETH Zürich)
Abstract:Storing neutral-atom qubits in optical arrays constitutes one of the most promising architectures for quantum science. The EQE group (located in ETH-PSI) where I am doing my master thesis believes that an important advance could be done with a novel approach. The first step towards this goal consists of building all the equipment required for these types of experiments. In particular, I will be talking about the design of the 2D-MOTs and the calibration and fine-tuning of an SLM. For the first topic we will discuss the main problems that come when one wants to use two different atoms simultaneously. For the second topic we will delve into the SLM and the steps followed to fully exploit its functionalities.
Date: Tue, 19.09.2023
Time: 11:00
Duration: 45 min
Location:Helmut Rauch Hörsaal ATI
Contact:Julian Leonard

Supersymmetry in the adjoint representation, Unconventional Supersymmetry
Speaker:Pedro Alvarez (University of Antofagasta, Chile)
Abstract:We study a general recipe to implement models for gravity, gauge theories and matter using the adjoint representation of the superconformal algebra. A striking feature of the model is that fermion/boson matching of d.o.f. is not mandatory. Standard gauge kinetic terms are included. The models are highly predictive, with very few free parameters in the action. We will discuss general properties of the theory and interesting gravitational solutions that are found on it.
Date: Tue, 19.09.2023
Time: 14:00
Duration: 60 min
Location:Sem.R. DA grün 02 C - GEO
Contact:Iva Lovrekovic and Benjamin Koch